Props, Endorsements & High Five’s

“This program improved my life in ways I did not anticipate. It forced me to look deep into myself and confront my issues. The work was worth it; this was the best decision I could have made. This program has permanently changed the way I look at life and my relationship with money for the better. As far-fetched at may seem to skeptics, after starting this program and working the steps, I won a contest with a financial reward, I got an amazing opportunity to help me achieve my goal, and I received an unexpected inheritance. Most importantly, the way I felt about the money was completely different; I was able to feel grateful, instead of guilty, and capable instead of anxious. I encourage anyone ready to deal with their money issues to work this program and transform their life” ~ Libby Caruso

“This program has improved my life in many ways. I no longer wake up with fear about what my day will bring, instead I wake up with purpose and intention for the things I want to get done so I can have what I want in my life. The fear surrounding money has been diminished and I am finally living out of a place of gratitude instead of fear/want. I believe this course has shifted my energy and my perception of and interaction with the world around me… I feel empowered, motivated, and ready to bring in the things I desire! If you wish to see real and lasting changes in your mindset, your energy, and your money, this course can help you with that…but you have to be honest in devoting yourself and a (small) amount of time to it. However, if you put forth the effort, this course can absolutely change your relationship with money, creativity, abundance and the way that prosperity finds its’ way into your life. This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, this is a course that focuses on getting to work and making lasting changes in your life.” ~ Claire Patterson

“This program will open you up to receiving and without being open to that, nothing will come in to you. It gives you the framework to have the discipline around the daily practice and it is the small consistent steps you take everyday which lead to the results you want. Whilst doing this program I was offered 2 jobs! The program has deepened my daily meditation practice. It has given me a focus and intention around meditation. It has given me a framework and process for how to communicate with my guides, how to really ask them for assistance with what I want. I feel more connected with my guides and more supported by The Universe. It has given me this gift that I have been looking for for a long time. Thank you! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is feeling blocked on creating money in their life or even block creating other aspects of the life you want”. ~ Simone Outteridge

“Things for me right now are on such an upswing, I have landed a fabulous job working in such a wonderful space and have more confidence than ever. The benefits of this program are numerous… You learn how to keep working on yourself so when things start to go in the wrong direction you have the tools to keep moving forward. This program has changed the way I think not just about money but about how to keep my mind in the right space to move forward. I want to thank you for all your hard work and energy that you have put into this program, helping us and others to find their way to success! I’ll miss our talks :)” ~ Becky Weller