Guided Healing and Transformation

Transformative Healing is a multi-modality layered approach to healing whatever holds you back and stops you from going after your dreams and achieving your goals.

Do you feel stuck, unsatisfied, powerless and unable to figure out why you can’t seem to get out of the same old rut?

Do you feel as if you simply aren’t where you hoped you would be at this point in your life and you just need some guidance, support and encouragement?

Using energy work, intuitive guidance, shadow/inner work, guided meditation, past life review, body work and any number of complementary and alternative holistic therapies, I help you move past whatever holds you back from having the mindset you want to have.

Layer by layer, we’ll work through self-limiting life patterns, beliefs and issues that keep you from living the life you truly want.  You’ll learn to get out of your own way when life feels low, and move through your emotions with a step-by-step process, with courage,  self-love & self-compassion.  The healing will transform you.

The Layered Approach Includes:

  • Your Shadow Emotions
  • Emotional and Energetic Block Removal (energy work session)
  • Past Life Viewing and Soul Blueprint Re-Coding
  • Intuitive and Empathic Development
  • Consciousness Expansion Guided Meditation
  • Numerology Life Path Forecast, or
  • Tarot Reading with Channeled Guidance

All sessions can be experienced in-person or online via Skype or Zoom


shadowWhat are shadow emotions?  They are your own self-limiting beliefs. They are subconscious and they are the result of powerful adverse experiences that have developed over time. Once we develop a self-limiting core belief, it becomes a part of our subconscious and a part of our reasoning.  As a result, we become totally unaware of them.  But they are nothing more than self-imposed obstacles and walls we build to protect ourselves. They are a label we apply to ourselves like “I’m not educated enough.” They keep us locked inside emotions of “safety” because stepping outside our comfort zone is incredibly scary. They cause us to stop or take a step back at the first hurdle we come up against because the fear of failing prevents us from moving forward and succeeding.

To change our life circumstances, we have to learn to change and integrate these beliefs positively. We must learn how to give a voice to the emotions we deny or suppress because they make us uncomfortable. Whatever thoughts or emotions that don’t fit our image of our ideal self, becomes our shadow. It’s any emotion we believe we should hide, reject or deny – it’s our anger, frustration, shame, guilt, sadness, fear, worry…

It’s not psychotherapy or counseling.  Its a step by step process that teaches you HOW to identify, work though, and integrate all of the emotions we deny.  I’ll show you how to find the truth that isn’t always easy to see, and I’ll teach you how to give it a voice without losing yourself to your emotions.

This session is part questionnaire and part intuitive.  It’s the beginning to start to see the changes you’ve been seeking your whole life. It’s  not hard work – it’s happy work… and it will propel your own intuition into high gear!

90 minute session: $110


emo block

“Darling, You feel heavy because you are too full of truth.  Open your mouth more. 
Let the truth exist somewhere other than inside your body.” ~ Della Hicks-Wilson


While shadow identification is the process to uncover our emotional blocks, the next step is to break them up and get them moving out of our body. At the root of our emotional blocks is energy that needs to be returned to a natural flow within the emotional and physical body.  Because we use energy to transmute energy, we are able to get to the root of the problem and circumvent any unconscious resistance to healing.

An Emotional Block Removal Session includes an energy center (chakra) balancing and an intuitive assessment of your emotional body.

90 minute session: $110 (in-person or distance)


BLUEPRINTThe next layer of the transformative healing structure focuses on your most persistent emotional triggers by tapping into your past lives and your soul blueprint.

Your soul actually comes with an energetic instruction manual and is your key to unlocking your soul level gifts.

Your soul blueprint is not written in stone; it can be changed, as our circumstances change.

Are you consciously creating what you want, or unknowingly creating more of what you don’t want?

Learning to re-script your soul blueprint teaches your how to tap into the past life that created the triggered emotion or block that currently plagues you… and then change it.

90 minute session: $110


MIND EMPOWERMENTIn this layer, you learn to strengthen your confidence and intuition as you develop your abilities and awareness through message-work and easy to follow practices.

Learn to manage, master and enjoy your Intuitive and Empathic gifts without becoming a victim to them.

Pricing per 90 minute session: $110


guided medA powerful tool for personal development, Guided Meditation is a relaxing and enjoyable way to achieve inner peace.

Self (unguided) meditation requires effort on your part to keep your mind focused and clear. But with guided meditation, you are led into an altered state of expansion, step by step.

It’s an effortless and frustration-free way to enter into a state of deep meditation.

$50 for a 45 minute session



Knowing why you are here and who you have come to be, is an invaluable tool on the spiritual journey.  We can’t know where we’re going until we know who we are.

This evaluation starts with identifying your LifePath number based on the practice of numerology.  Your Life Path number indicates your life’s purpose, giving you solid direction about what you’re meant to do in this life, while key themes indicate exactly where you’ll experience challenges and difficulties as you pursue your life’s purpose.

Based on your LifePath and challenge numbers, we’ll look at a forecast for the next 12 months of the year ahead of you.

This forecast also includes messages and insight specific to you, from your guides throughout.  It’s a clear picture of what the year ahead looks like – great for short & long term planning, intention setting and specific awareness of what’s going on within your energy.

It’s a great way to gain focus and a new direction to pursue.

$110 for a 90 minute live session
$150 for a 90 minute live session and a written report emailed to you



Working with your Guides, an intuitive reading includes messages and insight to get to the core of a question or issue you currently face. Intuitive channeled/Tarot readings can be done in person, by phone, online or via email.

$40 for a 30 minute session
$75 for a 60 minute session


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If an inability to pay in full is due to emotional or fear-based blocks, please let me know and I’m happy to share a meditation to help guide you to a place where you are free of obstacles to work with me.   You have my gratitude for recognizing the value of the significant healing work we can do together.

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Content:  The content and material presented by The Healing Studio, LLC is based on the personal experiences and research of Johanna Figueras. Much like life, you may experience a belief that does not resonate with your own. This is a normal part of the growth process and I simply ask you to be open to the possibility of an alternate  point of view or belief.  This is tolerance.  The ability to consider a belief outside of your current system is an indicator that your soul is open to growth and expansion.  For this, you have my everlasting gratitude and support.

Equitable Exchange of Energy & Value: The Healing Studio, LLC offers support and guidance at all levels, allowing you to work with me no matter your path or circumstances.  If you cannot enroll in a session or program due to cost, The Healing Studio, LLC is happy to discuss alternatives.

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