One-on-One Mentoring Sessions


Empathic and Intuitive Development Mentoring Session


Empathy is the ability to tune into and experience another person’s feelings as if they are your own. But here’s the cool part…

Most Empaths are simply untrained Intuitives who haven’t yet learned how to make their psychic and intuitive abilities work for them.

Once you have strengthened your boundaries and developed your empathic consciousness, your intuitive sensing will begin to evolve.

Build Your Confidence & Stop Asking Yourself,
“What If I’m Making It Up?”

Not only are you able to more clearly distinguish between your feelings and someone else’s, but this is when your clairvoyance, your ability to sense, to know and to hear clairaudiently starts to kick-in and you start to intuitively kick-butt!

Learn to strengthen your empathic and intuitive  abilities and awareness through message-work and easy to follow practices as you manage, master and enjoy your Intuitive and Empathic gifts without being a “victim” to them.

Strengthen your confidence and intuition as you develop and increase your abilities and awareness through message-work and practice. You WILL accelerate your development!

Do you feel blocked from your intuitive, sensing and healing abilities?

Do you seek the support of a group of people sharing the
same experiences, interests, and goals?

Enroll in this 8 week coaching to develop & deepen your intuitive, empathic and healing abilities.  In-person sessions may be available, so be sure to ask about it!

Each week, we’ll explore a new topic for 90 minutes: Awakening, Using Your Intuition, Your Higher Self & Spirit Guides, Creating Your Sacred Space, Grounding , Protection and Energy Transmutation, Identify Your Strongest Intuitive Abilities & Learn How To Develop Them, and How To Set STRONG Energetic Boundaries.

Each session includes:

  • Topic discussion with electronic handouts & homework assignments
  • Practical hands-on practice
  • Meditation

You’ll be introduced to tools and exercises to help you learn how to listen to, and interpret the signs, symbols and communication you are receiving on a daily basis.

 Eight (8) One-on-One 90 Minute Sessions – $555


Introduction to Intuitive Energy Work
3 Hours – $150 

Not all energy work requires an attunement to practice it, but it does require specific knowledge and practices to ensure you’re channeling only the highest vibe healing energy. Everyone has the ability to sense and direct energy,  and this Reiki Master/Teacher facilitated mentoring session will show you how.

Learn how to sense, channel and direct energy by tapping into the body’s energy field and perform energy work in the highest healing for your client.

Some topics we’ll cover:

  • What is Energy Work?
  • How Blocks Occur in the Energy Field
  • The Energetic Body and the Chakra System
  • How to Sense Energy
  • Energy Work Techniques
  • Performing Energy Work
  • Self-Healing & Distance Healing
  • Self-Care for Energy Workers
  • Types of Energy Healing & Certifications


You’ll identify your personal Healing Spirit Guide and learn to request and channel their assistance in  your healing sessions.

Workshop includes demonstration and interactive technique practice, as well as an 8th Chakra energy activation.

You’ll leave the workshop with the knowledge and skills to practice energy work, as well as an overview of the different specialties available to you if you choose to pursue specialized certification.

Customized Day Retreats
$150 per person

What makes a Healing Studio Day Retreat so special? You create it.  A customized retreat is a great way to embark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth. Retreat agenda’s are customized to fit your specific goals and each new experience builds on those that came before. With one-on-one attention from master practitioners, you’ll experience a profound shift of consciousness, in a short period of time.

9 am to 4 pm – healthy lunch & snacks provided.

Your day retreat includes:

  • Two workshops of your choice
  • Two Guided Meditations
  • Energy Work
  • 30 minute Chair Massage or Intuitive Guidance
  • And more…

*10 person minimum and non-refundable deposit of $75 per person required at time of booking.

Retreats are held at Woke Healing Arts Studio in Lansing, but if you have a specific place you would like your retreat held, no problem – let’s plan it!

To book a group retreat, contact Jo Figueras at 517.348.2271 or email  


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Terms and Conditions

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Event Cancellation Policy: Cancellation must be received in writing at least seven (7) days in advance of the event or workshop date to receive a refund, minus $20.00 to cover refund processing and fee’s. Cancellations made less than seven (7) business days will receive a full credit that may be used toward a future event or workshop booked within 90 days.
Event Refund Policy: The Healing Studio/Vibejive Studio, LLC is happy to discuss a refund if you communicate with the course facilitator before the end of the workshop.  Sometimes the material simply isn’t a good fit.  However, objections must be made known prior to your leaving the conference or premises for in-person workshops and retreats. Refunds will exclude a $20.00 refund processing and booking fee. No exceptions.
Event/Workshop Content:  The content and material presented by The Healing Studio/Vibejive Studio, LLC is based on personal experiences, education and research. Much like life, you may experience a belief, practice or technique that does not jive with your vibe. This is a normal part of the growth process and I simply ask you to be open to the possibility of an alternate  point of view or belief.  This is tolerance.  The ability to embrace a belief outside of your current system, is an indicator that you are open to growth and expansion – it is NOT a dis-empowerment of your current views. Be open to other theories, practices and opinions.  Be open to healing, and releasing all self-limiting beliefs. For this, you have my everlasting gratitude.
Cell Phone Policy:  It’s crucial to maintain high vibe positive energy during a class or session, and the interruption of a ringing/beeping cell phone and texting/conversation is the fastest way to lower the collective vibe.  While The Healing Studio, LLC understands the need to have your cell phone handy:  1) Cell phones are required to go on vibrate before the start of the class or work group.  2) If the student must place or take a call, please exit the classroom prior. Do not answer the call, interrupting class – there is zero tolerance for this. 3) If the above policies are disregarded, you will be reminded the first time.  A second infraction will result in your being asked to leave the class/session or work group, and no refund will be given.
Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are available in the denomination of your choice. Gift cards are good for two years from the date of purchase.
Scholarships:  Donations may be made to sponsor enrollment in any program or session. If you would like to give the gift of a scholarship, contact Jo Figueras at 517.348.2271
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