You Are Enough, Dammit


First, say it out loud: “I am enough”

Now say it again, this time with passion: “I am enough”.

Don’t believe it?

Yeah, most people don’t. Surprisingly not even your best friend who seems to live an enchanted life, not your high school nemesis who’s become really successful, not the single mother of three you really admire, and not your college roommate who has met every personal goal and who seems to have opportunities materialize at her feet.

So why is it so hard to not only say “I am enough”, but also believe it?

If you ask yourself where the feeling of not being enough comes from, what do you think of? Do pictures in magazines come to mind? Do you compare yourself to your friend’s lives and careers? What about comparing yourself to your friends, family, your kid’s friend’s parents and anyone in your social media news feed?

Is it more personal? As a child did you receive high praise for achievements, and disappointed silence when you didn’t?
Did you have a Mom with high expectations you never seemed to satisfy, or a Dad with an inability to show genuine affection?

Maybe it was as simple as anytime you tried to talk about your feelings, you were rejected or made to feel shame?

The feeling of not being enough is built into every part of our lives, our culture, our roles and in our society.

But you know what?

The world doesn’t need a million carbon copies of one perfect person – the world needs each of us with our unique looks, talents, abilities, personalities, offerings and gifts. We’ve been given all of these for a reason and until we start embracing them and loving who they make us, we reject the life that’s meant for us.

How we connect to people – just by doing what comes naturally and joyfully to us is HOW we are enough. We don’t need to be anything more. You are enough and it’s OK because in that “enough”, you are actually perfect for living and growing the life you were meant to.

Listen, if you are reading this post – YOU ARE ON A PATH. And even if you’re not “into” the spiritual aspect as deeply as others, it still makes sense to you to some extent.

And if you if have a path to walk, it stands to reason that you have shit to do on that path.

I firmly believe the Universe wouldn’t give you talents and gifts just to show you that you suck and aren’t good enough in any area of your life.


Who you are and where you’re at is exactly where you’re supposes to be right now – growing and learning and moving toward a happier state of mind and life circumstances.

We simply have to learn to receive the good stuff in life (accept that we are enough) at a higher level now. If you are currently experiencing lack in any areas of your life – financial, love, friendships, career, personal satisfaction, it’s because we think we aren’t enough. And when we believe we aren’t enough, we aren’t allowing ourselves to receive the incredible things meant for us because at some level within our subconscious, we don’t believe we deserve it.

Yeah, it’s getting deep but that’s what I’m good at digging up. The buried stuff that holds us back.

How do you figure it all out? That’s where The Healing Studio can help.

Who you are today is enough. You are beautiful, awesome and perfect just as you are.

So yeah, snort when you laugh, sing off key with passion, rock those curvy hips, be OK with that extra 10 or 20 lbs – but learn to love yourself and your life by offering up the unique gifts you have to give, in the unique package you currently rock.

You are enough.

Say it with me: “I am enough.”

Ya feel that? Yaaaaaaaaas. There ya go.