Intuitively Blocked, Stuck & Unable

Like any skill we seek to learn, increasing our intuitive muscle is a process.

I can’t tell you how often people tell me they can’t see or hear guidance or messages from their spirit crew.  They feel stuck and unable to truly trust that they aren’t just making it all up.

We get stuck when we think we should be something we’re not.

When we think things should be different than they are.  

Our minds want to push and control our circumstances to create who or what we think we should be.

This is WHY you “can’t” hear/see/sense or know as fluidly as you would like.

Before you can experience an increase in your intuitive and empathic abilities, you must first release every single idea you have about what you THINK you should be experiencing.

You have to STOP comparing yourself to others and instead focus on what you currently do really damn well.

Wipe the self-expectation white board clean and start over.

Yes, you can and WILL admire or even envy the talents of others, but dwelling in that shit only stops YOUR specialized and very specific talent from blossoming and growing into something that others admire in you.

Until you clear yourself of any expectations, you’re going to keep doubting yourself, your messages and your guidance, and you’re going to continue to be frustrated, disappointed and envious of the skills of others.

Whether you consider yourself an Empath, a Healer or intuitively gifted, you’re working from the same energy and potentially creating the same blocks. Release everything you think you know and simply start over with a blank page, filling it with all the amazing talents you currently have, and build on it from there.

When your specific resume of skills begin to develop and thrive, you’ll be amazed how easily it all flows and how much trust you have in your own abilities.

Good vibes to you.