Experiencing Europe & Cleaning House

In the fall of 2016, I traveled to Europe for the first time; it turned out to be the most beautiful trip of my life up to that point – and ultimately, the most liberating.

Experiencing Amsterdam, Venice, Florence and Rome gifted me with sights, sounds and understandings that I am forever grateful for.

  • I walked streets made of cobbles and stones that received the feet of Anne Frank, van Gogh, da Vinci and Julius Caesar.
  • I savored delicious regional food from sleepy little cafes that I never would have tried from the enormous menu of a tacky chain restaurant.
  • I smelled the beauty of fresh baked bread wafting from tiny glass covered stalls, mixed with the acrid ocean scent of the canals of Venice.
  • I traveled streets that were thousands of years old and contained the energy of history’s triumphs and tragedies.
  • I saw the sun worn faces of Italian grandmothers and grandfathers as they hung laundry from lines high over the streets and perched on old wooden chairs discussing the local seafood trade with their childhood friends.
  • I laid eyes on some of the most amazing infrastructure in the world and walked on landscapes most will only ever dream of.
  • I met warm, welcoming souls who opened me to philosophies and practices that were foreign yet vaguely familiar.

I also saw into the souls & shadows of the people with whom I experienced all these amazing things.  It showed me exactly who I had allowed into my life and into my energy.

But the stunning and awe inspiring sights and people of Amsterdam & Italy will always overshadow the difficult lessons I learned as a result of that trip, and the connections I gratefully released.

Every single time.

See, when the Universe starts cleaning house and making room within your life, it eliminates energy.  It doesn’t differentiate between people, situations, jobs, relationships, or even material possessions – it simply eliminates anything and anyone who no longer serves you in your highest good.  It does this for you when you simply haven’t been listening to its suggestions the last 10 times it showed you what and who had to go.

When I returned from Europe, I knew this.  I knew what had happened and I knew what had to be done.  I knew who I had to release from my life permanently.  One simply took a little longer than the rest, but when it’s all said and done, I wish them well as they come up against their own raw realities of the life lessons they face.

I hope they find peace and love.

However, what I’ve also come to realize is that the Universe was making way for a reality better than I could have thought of.  One that is much more aligned with who I am – not who I think I should be.

So this month I’m going to take full advantage of August’s crazy & clearing energy by just sitting back and allowing life to take me where I’m meant to go & allowing it to remove any energy that doesn’t jive with my vibe.

It’s taken me almost a year to truly grasp the full beauty of my European experiences.

Peace to you, Tribe.


Squid Ink pasta enjoyed next to the Mediterranean Sea