Male Empaths: You Do You

As female empaths, we routinely outnumber our brother sensitives. While there are no rules when it comes to the sex of an Empath, we tend to be primarily female. So in today’s world, being a male empath can be especially challenging, especially once he becomes aware of his abilities and starts to use them to guide him on a daily basis.

Our men are conditioned to be seen as the strong hunter/gather and there is no place for silly emotion, sensitivity & empathy. These traits are associated with the feminine, and men are “not supposed to” be in touch with their feminine side. They’re supposed to be strong, tough, non-emotional, thick skinned and any other number of bullshit characteristics. Gender expectations pressure men to fit into these ‘narrow, rigid, impossibly self-contradictory roles’, so in the context of the male empath, the ability to present authentically is a challenge not typically presented to us divinely female bad-ass Goddesses.

Because of this ridiculous thinking, it’s common for male empaths to block the energies flowing through them in an effort to appear masculine in the eyes of society. But we all know that when you deny any major aspect or your true nature, this is the fastest way to get thrown WAY tf off balance and give birth to/contribute to negative effects on the emotions, the physical body and the soul.

Dudes, you do you. Fuck society. This is your soul we’re talking about!

The thing is, emotions are not a sign of femininity or weakness! Everyone has them and they are the foundation of our energetic body! They are the “vibrational indicators” we tap into, to connect with and understand other people, the vibes around us, and most importantly – ourselves. Emotions are what shape our everyday life so you really have to make sure your foundations are solid.

Not one of us, male or female will EVER find what we truly need in life, anywhere OUTSIDE of ourselves. Not one. The only place to find that is within your own head and your own heart. The “wrapping or container” makes noooo diff to the Uni and alternately, being a male empath could be that extra challenge or obstacle necessary for your ultimate growth.

Regardless of gender, we must accept, maintain, and respect who we are at the core. That means giving our shadow a voice, setting boundaries, trusting our intuition and following our gut. As an empath – male & female – this is living in our absolute truth.

Good vibes to you, brothers!