The Healing Studio offers healing services for the Mind, Body & Soul:

Body Work (multiple modality massage coming soon), Energy Work (Intuitive Reiki, Quantum Touch Healing, Sound Immersion Healing), Intuitive Guidance, Emotional Block Removal, beginning to advanced Intuitive & Empathic Ability Development, Classes, Workshops and Custom Day Retreats ~ with more to come…


The Healing Studio offers support and guidance at all levels, and is excited to offer various options.

Membership in a closed Facebook group called the VibeJive Tribe:

  • Weekly group energy forecasts
  • Instructional posts and series on all things metaphysical and developmental
  • Insight from other Empaths, Intuitives & Healers (fellow Tribe members)
  • In-person get-togethers (Intuitive Circles, Reiki Shares, etc.)
  • Support and Guidance – a safe space to embrace, explore and develop your empathic, intuitive and healing abilities. Post your question, asking for a little insight!

For those who wish to work on a deeper, more structured and committed level, The Healing Studio offers transformative healing work.  It’s a deep dive into your own reclamation of power:

  • Emotional block removal
  • Body and Energy work
  • Self-limiting core belief work
  • One on one individual intuitive development & empath empowerment coaching sessions
  • Life Purpose Exploration and more…